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Other Legal Services
In addition to general counsel services and custom document systems for consumer and business membership, account and loan services, we offer a wide range of affordable, fully customized 
  • model policies and procedures covering most credit union activities that have legal or regulatory implications
  • form contracts for a wide range of third-party relationships, from independent dealer relationships to non-disclosure agreements for consultants to leasing excess building space 
  • special purpose forms, such as unauthorized ACH debit affidavits, declarations to claim deceased accounts outside probate, or refund/replacement requests for official checks

The following list includes documents we are commonly asked to provide but is not comprehensive. Please ask if you are interested in a service you do not see on this list. 

Where we already have a model form or policy on file, we quote a flat fee. The flat fee includes the initial draft, communications with the client's staff, about the draft,  revisions needed to customize the document to meet  the client's specific needs, an electronic version of the final document, and a license for the client to reproduce and use the document as often as necessary. General retainer clients get 10% off our regular flat fees. 
  • ACH Stop Payment Form
  • Adverse Action Notices
  • ATM Placement Agreement (for use when you place an ATM at a sponsor company or other site maintained by a third party)
  • BSA/OFAC Model Board Policy
  • Business Lending Model Policy
  • California State Charter Bylaws
  • Charter Conversion (federal to state or state to federal)
  • Check Stop Payment Form
  • Confidentiality/Nondisclosure Agreement for Vendors or Independent Contractors
  • Confidentiality/Nondisclosure Agreement for Staff and Volunteer Officials
  • Consumer Privacy Model Board Policy
  • Consumer Privacy Annual Gramm-Leach Bliley Notice
  • Consumer Privacy Annual SB1 (California) Notice
  • Customer Identification Model Policy
  • CUSO Setup
  • Dealer Agreement (non-CUDL)
  • Delinquent Loan Collection Letter Series
  • Elder Abuse Reporting Procedure
  • E-Statement Authorization
  • Foreclosure Notice Series and Instructions (California)
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Lease-Commercial
  • Loan Modification 
  • Loan Distress Workout 
  • Loan Policy
  • Member Conduct Policy (available separately from Member Account document system)
  • Mutual Release & Settlement Agreement
  • Notice of Intent to Sell Repossessed Vehicle (California Rees Levering and UCC forms)
  • Power of Attorney-Financial Institution
  • Official Check Refund or Replacement Affidavit
  • Overdrawn Account Collection Letter Series
  • Safe Deposit Box Rental Agreement
  • Small Estates Property Claim Form  
  • Risk Based Pricing Model Policy
  • Risked Based Pricing Notices (available separately from Consumer Loan document system)
  • Subpoena Response Procedure (California)
  • Trust Certification
  • Trust Deed Modifications (multi-purpose)
  • Unauthorized ACH Affidavit