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Retained General Counsel Program
Our general retainer program is an outside general counsel program for credit unions. We are also willing to consider general counsel engagements with other nonprofits, small business start-ups, and other organizations where we have long-standing relationships with the client's leadership  team.  When you retain our firm as your general counsel, we undertake a fiduciary duty. We are your professional advocates, not vendors looking solely to maximize profits. Our job is to act in your organization's best interests. Period. 

For a monthly fee that is considerably less than what most attorneys with our experience and expertise would charge for an hour of time, anyone at your organization can call our attorneys any time with any legal question. As long as work on the question is limited to telephone consultations, there is no extra charge. A few samples of areas in which we assist clients by telephone include
  • deceased accounts
  • trust accounts
  • cardholder disputes
  • member complaints
  • rate error corrections
  • loan defaults
  • personnel matters
  • vendor relationships
  • dealer problems
Call us with any legal question. We can usually help. In the rare cases we can’t, we’ll offer a referral. 

If our work on a matter goes beyond telephone calls with members of your staff or board of directors, the general retainer provides a $40 per hour discount off our attorneys’ normal hourly rates and 10% off normal fees on our flat fee services.

Examples of services that go beyond telephone calls include:
  • E-mail inquiry responses  (unless the inquiry is covered by a document system monthly retainer [see Custom Documents])
  • Vendor contract review and negotiation 
  • Set-up of custom membership, account, and loan document systems
  • Custom form contracts, documents, policies and procedures
  • Member complaint review and recommendations
  • Research
  • Opinion letters (unless covered by a document system monthly retainer [see Custom Documents])
  • Audit and examination support
  • Litigation counsel support

We also send our general retainer clients periodic Legal Compliance Bulletins that update credit unions on legal, regulatory and case law developments that affect documents, policies and procedures.