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Custom Membership, Loan & Account Document Systems
Document Systems

We provide a full line of custom membership, account and loan document systems for consumer and business products and services. (Please scroll down for a list of available systems.) These crucial documents are more than printing jobs. They are legally required disclosures of key product terms, so they must match the client's actual practices. They are the contracts and security agreements on which the client must rely when confronting defaults. 

We know every one of our clients has worked hard to build your brand, your relationships and your reputation with the communities you serve. Each client develops products and services designed to meets the needs and aspirations of your members. As attorneys, our role is not to sell our clients cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all documents. Rather, we provide the legal expertise necessary to help our clients implement the products and services you want to offer. 

We work collaboratively, encouraging the involvement of the client's marketing, lending, operations and information technology staff in the setup and implementation process. This approach provides three key outcomes: 
  • Final documents reflect the branding and product terms the client wants to offer, subject to legal and operating system constraints
  • Final documents comply with applicable laws and regulations, effectively managing legal and reputation risk
  • Key client staff understand the documents: what they say, why they say it, and how to complete them correctly

Our documents are written in plain English to make them easy for staff and members to understand. Recommended layouts are designed to minimize the risk of staff error and facilitate collection of physical or electronic signatures necessary for enforcement. We strive to make documents as brief as possible without sacrificing the regulatory compliance or the legal protections our clients need when they must address disputes and defaults. We will work with our clients' information technology staff on design changes to facilitate the mapping of documents into core systems. 

Each document system includes the following, as appropriate for the type of product: 
  •   Application Form
  •   Application Disclosure(s)
  •   Early Disclosure Form(s)
  •   Opening Agreements and Disclosure(s)
  •   Adverse Action Notice(s)
  •   Staff Procedures

Document Support

A document system monthly retainer provides a license to reproduce the custom documents as often as desired in any paper or electronic environment for use within your institution, plus ongoing support. Support includes revisions to the documents when required by changes in laws, regulations or the client's product lines, change-in-terms notice drafting, and legal compliance review of advertising for supported products.

If  a client prefers to use document systems supplied by others, the client can still have a monthly retainer for the document system with us and we will provide the same support for the third party documents as we would if the client had our document system for the same product. Although we can recommend revisions to third party documents, only the owner of the copyright can authorize changes. 

General retainer clients get an additional $5 off our attorneys’ normal hourly rates for each document system monthly retainer they have with us. The maximum hourly rate discount available to general retainer clients is $80 per hour. 

Available Document Systems
  • Consumer Membership and Accounts
  • Fiduciary Accounts (Trust, Estate, Conservatorship, Guardianship, Social Security Representative Payees, Uniform Gifts to Minors)
  • Consumer Credit Cards
  • Consumer Lines of Credit 
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit (for personal, family or household purposes)
  • Closed-End Consumer Loans (signature and secured)
  • Closed-End Real Estate Loans (for personal, family or household purposes)
  • Business Membership and Accounts
  • Business Credit Cards
  • Business Lines of Credit 
  • Business Equity Lines
  • Closed-End Business Loans (signature or secured)
  • Closed-End Business Real Estate Loans